About Us

The Halal Guys

Based in Toronto, ON, The Halal Guys provides different types of sumptuous Lebanese meals. With its diversity of flavors, the Lebanese cuisines qualify as one of the greatest cuisines in the world.

The perfect blending of authentic herbs, spices, and other ingredients makes all of our Lebanese dishes delicious and healthy. One of the best examples is the traditional Lebanese dish known as hummus. It is a type of classic dip which is very common in every Lebanese household and restaurants. This dip is made with chickpeas. The chickpeas are boiled and cooked until they become soft. This is one of the famous cuisines available at our restaurant.

Common ingredients
that our chefs use in most of the Lebanese cuisines

The Lebanese diet is a special mixture of spices, herbs, and other fresh ingredients. Most of the dishes are consumed with heavy sauces. Mint, oregano, parsley, garlic, cinnamon, and nutmeg are the most common but the main seasonings that are used in the preparation of the cuisines.

We serve
the best falafel platter of the town

Have a small falafel party today! Visit us and get the best falafel platter served at your table. The soft falafel balls are flavored with paprika, harissa, peppers, cumin, garlic, and cilantro. You can also order delicious hummus sauce or tahini- based sauce to enjoy the dish. These two types of saucy dips taste best with deep- fried falafel balls.

Our customers love ordering the delicious falafel platters. Lentil soup, French fries, chicken soup can also be ordered with the falafel platters here at our shop.

Our deepest satisfaction lies in the fulfillment of our customers. Our customers enjoy all of our Lebanese cuisines; starting from the entrees, popular and basic appetizers, wraps to more sophisticated dishes. Our customers are always surprised by the quality of our food and mixture of special flavors as well as by our high- quality services.

Our aim is to provide you the highest quality culinary experience. Our professionals are well- versed with serving the customers by extending the best professional courtesy.

Visit us and get the taste of the best traditional Lebanese food.